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Electronic Toll Collection SoCs
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Silicon Motion’s FCI electronic toll collection SoCs integrate 5.8GHz RF, DSRC modem, and OBU(On Board Unit) controller MCU. The chips provide performance and functions which conform to the Korean DSRC standard, TTAS.KO-06.0025/R1. No external components like RLCs for RF matching, SPDT switch, LNA, PA, and IF SAW filter are necessary. Various peripherals like smart card interface, USB, DAC, ADC, LCD interface, keypad scanner, UART, SPI, IIC, IIS, etc are integrated. Software development kit(SDK) that fully covers all parts of the chips is also provided. Users can easily develop their own DSRC applications through the well-defined APIs. With its high-level of integration, small size, high performance, ease of use the chips are the ideal choices for ETCS(Electronic Toll Collection System), ATIS(Advanced Traveler Information System), and other various DSRC applications.

About FCI

FCI, which is part of the mobile communications product line of Silicon Motion (NasdaqGS: SIMO), designs, develops and markets high performance, low-power mobile TV SoCs, 2G/3G/4G tranceiver ICs, ultra low power Wi-Fi SoCs and electronic toll collection SoCs.

FCI is a pioneer in RFIC Technologies including mobile TV ICs, and mobile communication transceiver ICs. FCI has one of the broadest portfolios of mobile TV related technologies, and CDMA related technologies. FCI shipped its first CDMA receiver IC in 2002, its first mobile TV tuner in 2005 and its first LTE transceiver IC in 2010. FCI has become one of the leading suppliers for mobile TV ICs, and mobile communication transceiver ICs.

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