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New NANDXtend™- More reliable, efficient and power-saving ECC technology for TLC NAND!

Silicon Motion’s proprietary NANDXtend™ technology consisting of LDPC hard and soft decoding as well as RAID protection that together enhance the P/E cycles of 2D/3D TLC NAND - extending the SSD lifespan and ensuring data integrity. The new generation NANDXtend™ includes 2KB LDPC engine with advanced firmware algorithm delivers higher power efficiency, decoding efficiency and correction capability to maintain consistent data throughout and provide a better user experience, even as error bits increase throughout the product lifecycle of NAND flash.

NANDXtend™ - Innovative three-level error correction technology for TLC NAND

NANDXtend™ is an advanced firmware technology exclusively developed by Silicon Motion to meet the design requirements of TLC SSDs. Combined with LDPC (low-density parity check), RAID Data Recovery correction technologies, the NANDXtend three-level error correction algorithm can decode in parallel and correct errors with precision and at high speed.

LDPC enhances ECC

To help customers respond to the design challenges of ECC for TLC SSDs, Silicon Motion has introduced the most advanced LDPC (low density parity check) technology. Compared to the single-layer error correction for the BCH coding currently available, LDPC can enhance data stability more effectively and substantially strengthen P/E cycles for TLC NAND, bringing longer life and higher endurance to TLC-based SSD products.

RAID Data Recovery adds additional error correction and preserves full space for SSD

With the condensed volume brought about by advanced manufacturing processes for TLC NAND, error detection and calibration without over-provisioned space are required for achieving the goal of optimizing SSD performance and reliability.
Various products from competitors require over-provisioned SSD space for data correction. However, exclusive NANDXtend firmware with RAID Data Recovery technology is integrated into the newest generation of TLC SSD controller from Silicon Motion. Without requiring over-provisioning space for error correction and checking, RAID Data Recovery preserves fuller SSD volume for users so that consumers can better experience the advantage of high-volume TLC SSD.

NANDXtend™ delivers 3X NAND P/E cycles for SSD

Silicon Motion’s internal lab tests show that with NANDXtend firmware technology, TLC NAND enjoys stunning durability with 1800 P/E cycles for 84 hours of endurance. In TLC NAND without NANDXtend technology, the durability is only 600 P/E cycles. Even under other endurance times, NANDXtend still delivers high durability.

Cost-effectiveness has become a standard for consumers in selecting an SSD product. Thus, this requirement will be a major trend in the future TLC SSD market. In this mainstream market for TLC NAND, offering customers the SSD product with better performance, durability, and reliability will be the key to winning for manufacturers in the future.